Captain Mondragon is the original town hero of San Angel and the late father of Joaquín, he was a solider who fought along General Posada and his men.

Captain Mondragon never made a physical appearance in the movie but both a statue and a picture of him can be seen in the town of San Ángel.


Captain Mondragon was the hero of San Angel and a great close friend of General Posada, before the events of the film he was "killed" by Chakal in battle, and the people of San Angel built a statue of him in his honor. His son Joaquin always wanted to be like him and the dark lord Xibalba give him the Medal ofhiEverlasting Life, during the Day of The Dead thinking he could be the hero just like his father was. While it is believed that Captain Mondragon was killed in a battle with Chakal it was never shown to be true. There have risen questions of the facts in the true battle of the two. Question one: did the two truly fight or is history written to show what we want to see? Question two: is Captain Mondragon really Chakal after Xibalba took the medal he used to cheat with during his bet with Mondragon?


  • Captain Mondragon used to have a crush on Carmen before he met Gertrude[1].
    • This is why he and Carlos didn't get along.
  • Captain Mondragon is currently in The Land of the Unknown[2].
    • This is due to Xibalba losing a bet that involved Mondragon going to the Land of the Unknown if he lost.
  • In the town statue of Captain Mondragon you can see him holding Xibalba's Sword of Seven Sins[3].



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