Captain Joaquín Mondragon Sr. is the original town hero of San Angel and the late father of Joaquín Jr., he was a soldier who fought along General Posada and his men.

Captain Mondragon never made a physical appearance in the movie but both a statue and a picture of him can be seen in the town of San Ángel.


Although he was an ambitious man, Mondragon was very capable of loving selflessly, since he loved Gertrude "with all his heart", no matter what her constant demands were for him to give her a luxurious life. He is also described as a loving father, but consumed by the objection of fighting against Chakal.


Captain Mondragon was the hero of San Angel and a close friend of General Posada. He was married to Gertrude, a German-American woman from a wealthy family and had a son, Joaquin Jr.. Gertrude demanded that Captain Mondragon gave her a lavished lifestyle and Captain Mondragon, who adored his wife and wanted to make her happy, did everything he could to provide the best for his family, which led to him getting the Medal of Everlasting Life from Xibalba and let the god use him for wagers against his brother. Unfortunately Captain Mondragon lost the last wager, which resulted in him being killed by Chakal and sent to the Land of the Unknown.

The people of San Angel built a statue of him in his honor although Joaquín was the only one to decorate his father's grave on the "Day Of The Dead". His son, Joaquin always wanted to be like him and the dark lord Xibalba gave him the Medal of Everlasting Life, during the Day of The Dead, telling him that Joaquin could be a hero just like his father was so that the young boy would help Xibalba win another wager.

Family Tree

Captain Mondragon
Captain Mondragon
Gertrude Mondragon
Matilda [4]
Joaquín Mondragon


  • Captain Mondragon used to have a crush on Carmen before he met Gertrude [5].
    • This is why he and Carlos didn't get along.
  • When Captain Mondragon went mad from the medal, he chopped off General Posada's hand.
  • Captain Mondragon is currently in The Land of the Unknown.
    • This is due to Xibalba losing a bet that involved Mondragon going to the Land of the Unknown if he lost.
  • In the town statue of Captain Mondragon you can see him holding Xibalba's Sword of the Seven Sins [6].