Chela[2] is a minor character in The Book of Life. She isn't seen in the movie, but posters of her can be seen in one of the bars in San Ángel.[3]


Chela doesn't have a role on the first film, but if a sequel ever gets made it is likely for her to appear in it, most likely as one of the main antagonists. She would be coming to San Ángel to avenge her father's death.[4]


  • Chela has a female[5] wolf named "Loba"[6].
  • Chela wasn't present in the battle of San Ángel because she was in prison[7].
  • One of her weapons is the Sword of the Seven Sins.
  • She also knows about the Medal of Everlasting Life.
  • She is the equivalent of Joaquin in a girl.[8]
  • She will also most likely be an "interesting" rival for Joaquin.[9]