"Claudia" is a minor character in the film The Book of Life. She always appears in the company of her three sisters.

Her voice actress is Sandra Echeverría.

Physical Appearance

The four sisters have similar dresses of different colors (turquoise green, pink, yellow and violet) and have a yellow flower in their hair. Claudia is distinguished from her sisters by having black hair instead of brown. All of them have green eyes and a facial mole; each in a different place from the face.

During General Posada's party, their dresses have changed slightly, being adorned by elegant embroidery.


They are frivolous, arrogant and gossiping girls. It has been seen in more than one occasion that they despise the individuality of María; envying her "natural beauty", seeing María's interest in books as a rarity and throwing her a look of contempt when she demonstrates her skills in fencing.

They act mostly as the typical fan club, sighing for Joaquin and dreaming of marrying him.