El Chamuco is Xibalba's older brother, and the ruler of the Land of the Cursed.

He used to be the flame of La Muerte, before she meet Xibalba and fell in love.


El Chamuco is made out of boiling lava, with orange eyes and blue skulls for pupils. He has a pair of huge membranous wings. He wears black gloves with red flames , a conquering armor adorned with multiple small skulls and red stars, and a metal crown with wings that sprout from both sides, crowned with striped candles lit with blue flames and small red and black skulls (which have goat horns and small silver crowns). El Chamuco has has black hair, moustache and beard. El Chamuco bears a strong resemblance to his younger brother Xibalba, although he gives the impression of being more robust.


  • El Chamuco literally means "The Devil" in Spanish.
  • He and Xibalba were once good knights who got too cocky and ended up paying for it. [2]
  • He is made out of lava and has a dragon trident. [3]
  • Although currently married to La Noche, he still have feelings for La Muerte [4]. Something that Xibalba, La Muerte and La Noche suspect it. [5]
  • El Chamuco and La Noche started dating before La Muerte and Xibalba. [6]
  • El Chamuco and La Noche married on the same day as La Muerte and Xibalba.
  • El Chamuco and La Noche were both incredibly furious when they found out La Muerte and Xibalba married.
  • El Chamuco's nickname for La Noche is "Luna" (Moon). [7]
  • El Chamuco and La Noche do not have any children, while Xibalba and La Muerte had "quite a lot". [8]
    • But Jorge hinted they might have children.[9]