A festive and magical place, for those who live on in the memories of their loved ones.

—Mary Beth

The Land of the Remembered is a location that appeared in The Book of Life. It is an underworldly afterlife place that Manolo visits in his Remembered state, and all who are Remembered reside here. It is the antithesis to The Land of the Forgotten.


The Land of the Remembered features various animal and skull-shaped buildings along with skull-shaped, colorful hot air balloons. Everything in the city is lit up with glowing yellow, orange and gold lights, and there are many festive colors everywhere. It is the home of all good spirits and who are remembered by their still living families and friends. As long as someone in the Land of the Living remembers you, you can stay and enjoy the endless fiesta in the Land of the Remembered. The Land of The is a lively land full of joy, laughter, fun and music. The Land of the Remembered lies underneath Mexico and the town of San Angel. The Land of the Remembered sky is black filled with falling and floating flowers and flower petals.

Known Inhabitants


La Muerte's Castle

This is the home and stronghold of the Remembered's ruler, La Muerte. It is a vibrant and colorful castle decorated with hearts, flowers, animals and Aztec designs with stain glass windows. This is where Manolo first went seeking help from La Muerte. La Muerte's castle's appearance is that of a tree of life.


  • The Land of the Remembered does not have a ground. It just vanishes to green mist.[1]
  • You can see the cartoon version of Jorge Gutierrez in both the mural of inside the museum and one of the 2-D animation clips.
    • His wife, Sandra, and their son, Luka, also appear in the mural.
  • The Land of the Remembered is created by round objects, like circles, unlike the Land of the Living and Forgotten.



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